Your Press Release, Your Story

Six Tips for Getting Your Release Published

Have you ever written a press release that no one reads? Well, there’s probably a reason for that, and it has something to do with the way reporters’ and editors’ minds work. Here are a few tips to help you write a press release that gets you noticed.

  • Make it story-worthy. The media is not interested in selling your products or services. For that, they want you to buy advertising. So make your press release something reporters want to write more about. Do you have an event coming up, like a ribbon cutting or fundraiser, or did you raise a significant amount for a local charity? Are you sponsoring something community-centric? These make good stories, as well as PR for you.
  • Write a compelling headline. Headlines make the reader, whether it be the media or the general public, care enough to read more. Headlines should include active verbs and give an idea of what the story will be about. An example would be, “Local Business Raises Thousands to Support Disabled Veterans.”
  • Put the facts up front. Editors are going to scan your press release. If they bother to get past the headline, they now want to see the who, what, where, when, why and how. Get all that into the first paragraph.
  • Include a quote or two. Make your story come alive by inserting a quote from an authority figure. The quote can come from the company CEO, a community leader or the head of an organization.
  • Use the proper format. To ensure the media knows your press release is indeed a professional press release, make it actually look like one. There are free press release templates online that can help you.
  • Send the press release to appropriate places. Unless your press release tells a story that has national or international impact, don’t send it to the New York Times. Focus on the local media, and be sure you are sending it to the writer or editor who makes publishing decisions.

Writing a good press release takes research, time, and effort. If you need help, reach out to the Rampant Social team. Rampant Social is a PR and Marketing firm that creates results for its clients through digital marketing, social media, and content creation. For more information, email

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