Write Your Way Into Getting Your Business Known

You know you should be on social media, sending regular marketing communications and tapping into paid advertising, but do you ever feel that there is more you can do? Are there some less-traveled avenues you could dip into to make a measurable impact? If you’ve been thinking along these lines, your instincts are right. Here are three solid ways just slightly off the beaten path to give your business a strong edge.

Distribute a Compelling Press Release

This shouldn’t be a dry, barebones account of what you have to share. Tell a captivating story, show what sets you apart from the rest, and use a strong call to action — tell readers what you want them to do after reading your release.

As you’re constructing your press release, remember these things as well:

  • Don’t sell or brag. Instead, write your key messages in a way that answers readers’ most important question: “Why should I care?”
  • Use plain language, but make it descriptive and vivid, too.
  • Use interesting quotes from official sources.
  • Write a strong opening paragraph to draw readers in.
  • Keep paragraphs short.
  • Always include contact information.
  • Have a professional review your release before you send it to the media.

Author an eBook and Give It Away

That’s right. Give it away. You provide a valuable resource to your customers in the form of an eBook in exchange for their contact information and agreeing to receive updates from you in the future. Again, with this approach, there’s no hard sell — quite the opposite when you’re offering a freebie.

When developing your eBook, remember to:

  • Determine your topic, voice, and writing style.
  • Avoid a marketing tone and words that indicate a direct attempt to make a sale.
  • Offer education with only gentle nudges toward your product or company.
  • Include graphics, photos, and other professionally laid out design elements (but don’t overdo it).
  • Have a clear call to action at the end.

Once you’ve written and edited your piece, you’re ready to market it:

  • Offer your eBook for free on your website’s homepage in exchange for contact information.
  • Promote the giveaway through your social media channels.
  • Write about it on your blog.
  • Pen a press release.
  • Include a download link in your email marketing or monthly newsletter.

Publish Content on LinkedIn

Publishing regular content on LinkedIn is another smart option. LinkedIn is an established business platform where you likely already have some great connections. When you publish pieces on LinkedIn you:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Keep yourself front and center of your connections.
  • Obtain new connections who can find you via searches for your content topics.

Ready to reach new potential customers? It’s time to unleash your business creativity and get to work on these distinctive content marketing ideas. Make the time to market yourself through high-quality writing and powerful vehicles, and enjoy rising above the ordinary.

Partnering With Rampant Social

When outsourcing your content marketing to Rampant Social, we’ll meet with you to discuss your business goals and learn about your organization, your audience, and your preferences. From there, we can build an editorial calendar tailored to your business. You’ll receive content that’s well-researched, well-written, published, and promoted for you.

Rampant Social is a PR and Marketing firm that creates results for its clients through digital marketing, social media, and content creation. For more information, email info@rampantsocial.com

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