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Making connections is an essential part of growing your network and expanding your business. However, many people fail to follow up on these initial connections, missing out on potential sales and opportunities. While follow-up emails can seem intimidating, they don’t have to be. In fact, when done right, follow-up emails can help you stand out from the crowd and build stronger connections.

Dos for Writing Follow-Up Emails

Be genuine

People can sense when someone is fake, so let your personality shine through in your emails.

Make it a priority

Send your follow-up emails within 72 hours of contact to show your recipient that connecting is important to you.

Make it personal

Personalize each email by mentioning previous conversations or contacts you have in common.

Write a clear subject line

:Draft a specific subject line that lets the person know exactly what the email is about.

Include reminder details

State where you met the recipient and forward past emails if relevant.

Try to connect online

Mention connecting on LinkedIn or following you on Facebook for the latest information on your products or organization.

Include a call to action

Request a time to meet, connect online, or visit your website.

Leave it open-ended

End your email to indicate you’re looking for some kind of action or response.

Don’ts for Writing Follow-Up Emails

Fail to follow up

Overcome the fear of rejection and realize that sending the email gives you a chance at success.

Be generic

Personalize each email to stand out from the hundreds of emails the recipient receives each week.

Lead with the sale

Add in personal details and make it about the recipient first.

Add contacts to email lists

Only add contacts who have requested to be on your email list.

Write a book

Respect the recipient’s time and write clear, concise emails.

Be overly pushy

Focus on building the relationship first, and sales and relationships can form more organically.

By following these dos and don’ts for writing follow-up emails, you can build stronger connections, land sales, and expand your network. If you’re still feeling unsure about writing effective follow-up emails, consider reaching out to experts like Rampant Social for help with drafting emails, creating online content, email marketing campaigns, and more. With their expertise, you can build the confidence you need to succeed in your business.

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