Developing Your Business Content Strategy: Three Things to Think About

Strong marketing and company presence is all about content strategy these days — content is king! If you want a leg up on your competition, it’s time to jump on your content strategy starting block and take off with a bang. Creating an effective content strategy takes time, research, and a deep understanding of the audience you’re trying to reach. And it’s essential in today’s market.

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Three Things to Think About When Creating a Content Strategy

All good content strategies have a number of components in common. They focus on who they are trying to reach, they offer something specific to readers and they outline a plan for the formats and delivery methods.

  1. Consider your audience. Before you create a strategy, spend some time thinking about and researching who you are creating it for. You may have more than one group of people you want to reach, which may make your content strategy multifaceted.

Knowing your audience helps you determine the types of content to create and where that content should reside. Successful content strategies reach your intended audience in their preferred method, where they are.

  1. Determine what you are offering. Decide what your content will provide to your followers. Will you offer plenty of how-to blogs and videos? Maybe you’ll want to feature the benefits of your products and services. Or perhaps you can show your audience how your products or services enhance their lives or solve problems for them.

Once you’ve determined your purpose, think one step beyond that. What does your company offer that makes it unique from your competitors? Your content strategy should plan to establish the stand-out facets of your business.

  1. Decide how you will share your message. First, what format will you use for your content? Think about your topics, and decide whether a video, podcast, blog, or infographic would convey it best to your audience.

Next, think about how you will share it. Will videos debut on YouTube and Facebook and infographics on your website and Instagram? Where would your intended message be best received? Also, consider whether or not your content’s message is evergreen and can stay meaningful long term or if it needs to be removed or updated periodically.

True content strategies are far more than a handful of random blog topics tossed up on a calendar. They require thought, planning, and an understanding of the personas you want to reach. Put in the time behind the scenes to best reap the rewards of a successful content strategy and marketing plan.

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