Content Strategy Creation Like a Pro

You already know the key components of a content strategy, and you’ve done your research. Now it’s time to get down to business. This means creating your editorial calendar and building out your plans.

List all the topics.

This means everything you possibly could want to share about your products, services, and company this year. Start with a broad list like “departmental features, sharing products, and celebrating key holidays.” From there, break each topic down into smaller bits — down to a good size for writing a focused 500-word blog or shooting a two-minute video.

Next, take each finalized topic and figure out the best way to share information on that topic. (Remember to keep your audience in mind!) For example, if you want to introduce your company’s newest product — a no-pull, dog-walking harness — your strategy could look something like this:

  • Draft one post for your blog listing product features and benefits.
  • Create one humorous video of an owner walking a dog both with and without your harness.
  • Create a blog with client testimonials. Pull out a few good ones and use them on designed images to share on social media.
  • Create a humorous meme about walking dogs with and without your harness to share on social media.
  • Create a free instructional/tips e-book to live on your website.
  • Create one infographic highlighting the harness’ benefits.

Do you see all the possibilities out there for content? And this is all based on one product. If you have a variety of products and services, your content idea pot should be bubbling over!

Decide how often you’ll publish.

This will be based on your company presence and budget. Obviously, though, the more your clients see you and keep you top of mind, the better it is for business. Maybe you decide to post on social media daily, have one blog post a week, and share a video once a month. Just be comfortable with your decisions and stick to your plan.

Plan in some repurposing.

What is repurposing? It’s taking your existing content and using it to quickly and more easily create something new to share. You can take something old and rework it into a new format. Using the dog harness example above, repurposing could look something like this:

  • Create a new video featuring the harness, but use some of the clips from the previous video to save time and money.
  • Freshen up an older infographic with new data points or icons.
  • Make minor changes to a blog and turn it into a new podcast.

Content strategies take time to develop, but given that many of the most successful companies are spending 40 percent of their marketing budgets on content marketing, it’s definitely worth it. Now jump on that starting block and take off on creating your new strategy. On your mark …

Partnering With Rampant Social

When outsourcing your content marketing to Rampant Social, we’ll meet with you to discuss your business goals and learn about your organization, your audience, and your preferences. From there, we can build an editorial calendar tailored to your business. You’ll receive content that’s well-researched, well-written, and published and promoted for you.

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