Centurylink provides proactive network monitoring and equipment management, keeping businesses Stronger Connected and more productive. Their expert technicians are well versed in the latest network threats, and can respond to any issues with on-site or remote assistance. 


We were brought on by CenturyLink’s MSS team to offer lead nurturing and customer retention and started with both internal and customer surveys to uncover patterns of strengths and weaknesses. This insight helped us establish a set of technology marketing buyer personas with which we are able to communicate through email, landing pages, and marketing automation.


The technology marketing content we create for CenturyLink ranges from in-depth white papers to entertaining infographics, all with the purpose of igniting a relationship with the CenturyLink brand.

Next, we were asked to develop internal training content for the sales team in the form of walkthroughs of each major service offering. These materials help the customer-facing salespeople to communicate confidently and competently on the breadth of CenturyLink security services.

Technology Marketing Infographics

“We initially considered a few different companies before getting in touch with Rampant through a referral. Once we started working with them, we immediately noticed their strong marketing skills. They completed a few projects for us, and we’ve continued working with them ever since.

“Beyond creating internal and external marketing collateral for our new products, Rampant developed an approach for communicating complex cybersecurity messages into more accessible terms. They worked directly with our cybersecurity experts to ensure that their content accurately reflected our services as well as promoting our strategic partnerships. The marketing materials include slide decks, one-pagers, and articles written in conjunction with subject matter experts.”

Mark Rowley, Business Intelligence Manager, CenturyLink

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