Unlike other mechanical contractors, BION specializes in the field of healthcare. Their highly skilled employees have extensive experience and a proven reputation of excellence in delivering quality solutions to address the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Their expertise includes commercial HVAC, plumbing, and medical gas installations, renovations, and service projects. At BION, they work closely with owners, engineers, and end-users to provide state-of-the-art services and solutions with the patient being their first priority.


Following the 2008 recession, the building trades began to see a decline in the available workforce. This decline was due to a number of factors, but the result was a shortage in BION’s ability to recruit. We were brought onto the BION team to help with acquiring skilled labor and apprentices. We leveraged our expertise in engineering firm marketing to address three critical issues for BION:

  • Promoting BION’s approach to a family-like culture:
    BION’s emphasis on quality of life, work-life balance, and robust compensation.
  • Announcing opportunities for apprenticeship:
    BION’s training programs build experts from within, allowing laborers with very little experience to attain certifications and develop fulfilling careers.
  • Demonstrate BION’s passion for their community:
    BION is a tremendous benefactor to the community, supporting local charities and creating their own initiatives within the organization to give back.


Our approach began with a complete website re-design that concentrated on showcasing their people first, which mirrors their employee-centric culture. The website also allowed BION staff to keep it new by managing content in-house.

Once the website was launched, our strategy leveraged social media, public relations, search engine optimization, integration with Indeed, Google Jobs, and other careers sites to attract recruits.

Mechanical Engineering Anniversary Logo


Our approach improved BION’s recruiting, awareness of the apprenticeship program, and it amplified BION’s brand in the community.

Our engineering firm marketing strategy had a secondary benefit of driving interest by developers and construction firms to learn more about BION’s capabilities, building their client opportunities.

Over the course of the campaign, we achieved the following:


increase in total website traffic.


increase in total page views.


increase in pages per visit.


increase in visits to the Careers page.


increase in visits to the Contact Us page.


increase in organic traffic.

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