In the highly competitive world of student loan refinance, there are some behemoth companies at work, aggressively working to offer the best rates. It could prove to be an insurmountable task to compete with the likes of Discover, Earnest, and PenFed.

Instead of competing, Purefy positions itself uniquely and perfectly as a comparison site for those massive lenders. The process is simple: enter some basic information, get a list of quotes from top lenders, and apply with your chosen lender. Think LendingTree for student loans.


Identifying recent college graduates that are in a financial position to qualify for college loan refinance can be a challenge. Nurturing them to consider and follow through with a refinance, among everything else a young adult is managing at that time, makes the challenge even more difficult.


Our approach to fintech marketing involved a comprehensive strategy to attract, nurture, convince, and delight young adults in the buying journey:

To attract, we launched search and display advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to tightly-targeted audience segments.

To nurture, we worked with the Purefy team to maintain a steady stream of helpful content on the website’s blog. This content was optimized for search, which aided visibility by attracting a more active audience.

To convince, we developed a strategic email marketing campaign to address the financial benefits of refinancing student loans, as well as the risks associated with inaction.

To delight, we worked with the Purefy team to optimize the user experience on their website. This helped to reduce friction in the process and improve conversions.

Fintech Marketing Advertising
Fintech Marketing Google Ads


Over the course of our relationship with Purefy, our approach to fintech marketing has accomplished the following:


increase in total website traffic.


increase in total page views.


increase in social media engagement.


increase in social media audience.


increase in direct traffic.


increase in organic traffic.

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